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Running a business is not easy. With NxR Biotechnologies GmbH, you will learn solutions to common management, partnering, and business development challenges.

Global footprint

We are active globally, with a focus on Switzerland, the European Union, the USA, and Japan. Whether you want us to work for you or assist on a project-by-project basis, we can help!                 

Our Staff

Our vision is to facilitate and accelerate the translation of early stage innovation into commercial products. We strive to help businesses develop a solid foundation, a winning business strategy, and a diverse partner network so they can be successful. We will work to improve biotechnology innovation access, commercialisation, productivity, organization, and company culture. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve the translation of biotechnology innovation into commercial products that improve the quality of life.

Our Vision

Our Strengths

Alain Vertès, PhD-MBA

Managing Director

Years of experience: 25

Expertise: Biotechnology, Business, Strategy

Key technology areas

Our expertise encompasses two main domains of biotechnology: the pharmaceutical industry (e.g., stem cell-based technologies) & the industrial biotechnology industry (biofuels & green chemicals)       


Active business development consultant focused on technology deployment and innovation funding & commercialisation. He contributed to research (molecular biology, microbiology, sustainable chemistry), manufacturing (amino acids, enzymes), contract research (Battelle Memorial Institute, PPD), and strategic alliances in pharmaceuticals (Roche, Pfizer, Lilly), petrochemicals (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), industrial biotechnology, public research, and consulting. With worldwide experience in partnering and licensing groups of big pharmas, he led reviews of strategic needs for finding, implementing and managing partnerships from licensing to M&As. With hands-on involvement in the deployment of radical innovation for example for bringing to patients disease-modifying, paradigm-changing therapeutics, he managed major siRNA alliances and led global therapeutic stem cell initiatives.